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ISO 9001

In February 1998 the company S.T.A. was certified in the ISO 9001 international quality system  for planning, production and technical assistance by the prestigious international organisation DNV.

This confirms the attainment of an important acknowledgement having the purpose to certify and guarantee reliability and safety to customers, and which is consistent with the desired policies since the foundation of the society.

S.T.A. was founded by a group of technicians who had gained substantial experience in the specific field in 1973 with the specific purpose to produce chlorinators equipment, reagent-dosers in general, analysers, automatic instruments for water-treatment in Italy,

At that time there were no meaningful national productions of chlorine-makers, generators of ClO2, equipment measuring chlorine and ClO2 in water and in air, and the Italian market was used to resorting exclusively to foreign products, overall those made in Germany and the USA.

A national production of this particular equipment has allowed a remarkable cost reduction of user-markets, a developed technological progress for the ever growing extension of automation, a ready availability of spare parts and a timely technical assistance.

As far as this line of products is concerned, innovating the technology of ClO2 production in solution, (by means of systems protected with several multinational patents), the S.T.A. has asserted itself on the market using reagents with commercial concentration directly without any previous dilution.

First qualified in the world for this particular process, the company has made great quantities of ClO2 available to the user, having a purity of about 95-98%, making it possible to reduce the dosing of chlorine to the minimum necessary, seeing the undesirable effect provoked by this substance to the product resulting from treatment processes (formation of organic chlorine-derivatives having negative effects on human health).

S.T.A. is particularly organised and structurally suited for those final users who also need, besides the provisioning of the plant, a follow-up qualified assistance and an explicit intervention, due to importance of the sector in which they operate.

The S.T.A. main office is located in a commune near Padua, with modern industrial plants having a total covered surface of about 3.000 sq. m. and an external surface of 12.000 sq. m. with modern equipment allowing a rational production and above all a rapid technological updating. The development of projects is carried out by means of graphic techniques of the last generation, both for the electronic department, and for the mechanical one, and in well equipped chemical and electronic laboratories.

The production, the control of products, the industrial, administrative and commercial management all take place with the aid of local personal computers of the last generation connected with central servers. This enables information, communication and cost estimates to be done with promptness and precision.

Investing all the time in research and in means of production, some amplifications are foreseen in the range of products and in technological updating in production; hence enabling to increase the availability of systems with a further reduction of delivery times and costs.